Friday, May 26, 2017

JOSIE AND THE PUSSY CATS IN OUTER SPACE: The Sun Haters / Hanna Barbara - 1972

To distract a bit from from probably becoming a Poot'n Puppet, I thought I'd keep it light today with some Pussy Cats flying around in Space!! This cartoon series ran from 1972-4 and put Josie and her pals in space adventures to keep the kids interested. Wow, no title card was even shown!

The gang land on a planet only to have their ship grabbed by a weird giant...

The giant dumps the gang on the ground and leaves with their rocket. There, they meet some regular sized aliens who decide to help the lost spacers!

The boy alien takes Josie and her pals to the city of the giants to find their ship.

They find the lab (good thing everything's in English!) and have to push a huge door open. Then, they almost get stepped on by one of the big ones!

The giants seem to be experimenting with their rocket, what the Hell's going on?!

Pssst... I found an empty broom closet, let's go take a break!..

Anyway, it's time to figure out how the controls work to try and get their ship back.

The giants are putting something inside the rocket, now what?!..

Well, believe it or not, they're testing a foam that will put out a sun, because, I guess, they are simply, Sun Haters!!

The gang do all they can to get their ship back, but it's hard to deal with giant sized obstacles.

It turns out that the giants are huge Josie And The Pussy Cats fans, they put on their shades, clap their hands and tap their toes to that groovy Earth beat!

So, the giants give them a big send off...

And, they head off, back into space for more adventures for us kids...

I saw these credits at the end of the episode and noticed writer Tom Dagenais, I used to date his ex-wife when I lived in LA. Anywho, we're back tomorrow when Eegah!! will bring us something cool...

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

TWIN PEAKS: THE RETURN - David Lynch (2017)

"Twin Peaks: The Return!"
I was expecting the unexpected but I wasn't expecting this for various reasons! So, let's get it on, and if you happened to see this show, then please feel free to let me know if you liked it or not, because, I basically thought that for the most part it was a lot of gratuitous artistic bullshit!

Now I love artistic gratuitous bullshit as much as the next guy, but it's said that there is a time and a place for everything. I just think that this was the not the time, or the place to lay it on thicker than chunky peanut butter! My 94 year old Mother sat through the whole ordeal, and I'll just say this, she said it was the worst thing she's ever seen, and I have to agree that watching a couple of episodes of "Walker, Texas Ranger" would probably been a more productive use of time!

I'm pretty sure I'll watch all 18 episodes, and like a lot of it, but for the first two episodes, there are only brief minutes out of two hours that seem even remotely connected to the original series. Look, this an awesomely beautiful shot of New York City, but the interior shots all look like TV soap operas, and the acting is so stiff, it can only be deliberate, and a lot of time there is no music at all which makes it even weirder, so I guess that's what they wanted, but it sure wasn't working for me!
I don't think this should be considered video comfort food by any means!

Transition to new people and stories can be difficult, so it looks like David Lynch just said, "Fuck It, I'll do whatever I want!"  In the new "Twin Peaks" I think there is a lot of meaningless nonsense presented as story that is supposed to make the viewer try and figure out something that was implicated, when there was nothing really there at all, except nonsense! And the dream sequences are like watching somebody having a colonoscopy in real time!

Somehow in 25 years, The Coopster has gone from being the most naive likeable FBI agent on the planet to a "Psycho Killer.....Qu'est-ce que c'est!" So....
What is it?? There's some seriously weird shit going on here!

New characters are added and removed, all in the wink wink of an eye!

 Jeez, Laura Palmer turned into Courtney Love, and even though there's no mention of vampires, she must be one, because what other kind of dead people still get old?

And indeed there are lots of gorgeous women to fill in all those gaps left over from the original show, they just don't have recurring roles in this new series!

"Bang, Bang," David Lynch shot me down, but just like some psycho ex-girlfriend, I'm sure he's going to try and make it up to me! (No flowers David, thanks, just send cash please!)
Anyway, that's just my humble opinion, and also the reason I don't watch a lot of current movies or TV shows!

And why not have a cherry on top ending with synthpop post-punk Portland band Chromatics playing in a Redneck bar, because it makes as much sense as anything else in this Lynch party!

Monday, May 22, 2017

THE CURIOUS DR. HUMPP / Productores Argentinos Asociados - 1969

It's time for Something Weird!!.. Today we gots a movie about a doctor who kidnaps couples who like to have sex. He takes them to his mansion where they are being kept as prisoners and injects them with a substance to enhance their sexual abilities, if you know what I mean. The Curious Dr. Humpp then forces the abducted people to have sex, and while they're making love he drains a fluid from them. He needs this fluid to prevent himself from being transformed into a monster and he gets his instructions from a freakin' talking brain!!

Of course, this is a wild and weird film out of Argentina with a strong Euro influence...

It seems like the people in Argentina are fairly oversexed, couples even enjoy girls stripping for them in public!.. Move over you guys!!

This is such a cool shot of the saxophone player pausing a moment to check out the skin!

Dr. Humpp has a special monitoring system to keep an eye on all the prisoners in his mansion.

Looks like the doc ran out of fluid because this is what he turns into when that happens.

Oh yeah, the cops are baffled by the mystery and spend most of their time looking for clues.

Here's the doctor in a heated discussion with his talking brain in a jar!..

This is the special room where the fluids are drained out of the lovers, complete with the doctor's robo guards making sure everything goes according to plan.

A lot of time in the movie is just spent showing a sea of writhing, horny flesh!

Any questions so far!?..

The doc's assistant strips down this buxom gal, getting her ready to give some of that fluid.

Here's a brain teaser... Can you tell who's body parts go where?

Anyway, the police finally get things figured out, they show up to raid the doctor's mansion. But, they have to blow the heads off the robots to get to the doc.

In the lab, the doctor informs the policeman and his girlfriend, who have been imprisoned by him, about all his weird experiments.

The brain gets fried and the doc gets a back full of knife from the girl!

And, the Curious Dr. Humpp turns into a messed up corpse, bringing our show to a close... Eegah!! will be here again on Wednesday to share more crazy junk with us!..

Monster Music

Monster Music
AAARRGGHHH!!!! Ya'll Come On Back Now, Y'Hear??